Health is in the air
We bring clean air to your home
Using a technology that replicates nature
Health is in the air
We bring clean air to your home
Using a technology that replicates nature

The AWE Story

The answer already existed in nature

For billions of years, the Earth has cleansed its atmosphere of pollutants by combining bacteria and water. Until the year 2000 nobody imagined that this process could be recreated in indoor spaces.

World renowned South Africa's
National Health Laboratory tested AWE biotechnology

As a center of excellence and a referral institute, NIOH engages in activities that generate and improve local, regional and international knowledge through research.


A revolution in clean healthy air using a technology as old as the Earth

Utilizing the same type of bacteria that cleansed the atmosphere of the planet three billion years ago, the AWE system is the only 100% green technology capable of capturing and eliminating all types of VOCs, mold, bacteria, and viruses.

Traditional air purification systems fail to remove ultrafine particles

Removing ultrafine particles that are the most harmful to people. AWE is the only biotechnology capable of capturing and digesting 99.99% of contamination in the air.

Indoor spaces are more contaminated than outdoor spaces

On average, indoor spaces have five times more contaminates than outdoor spaces and we spend 80% of our time indoors surrounded by mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and other contaminants.

Air pollution attacks your lungs, heart and brain

Now, it's time to stop this invisible killer.
AWE is the only biotechnology that destroys indoor air pollutants and improves health with every breath.

We bring you the most effective and unique biotechnology

AWE comes to your home after having proven its effectiveness in the most demanding spaces: hospitals, museums, residences, printing houses, beauty salons, supermarkets, gymnasiums; indoor spaces where air pollution levels are very high. In all of them, AWE has been able to eliminate VOCs, mold, bacteria, and viruses, turning them into spaces full of clean and healthy air.


Mold Spore Removal by AWE System

"The mold is now gone. We don’t wake up with headaches anymore. We’re much happier."
"Thanks to AWE I can keep my dog with me at home. Before, my allergies were terrible."
"Our house is in the countryside so with the AWE device we brought the feeling of fresh air indoors."

Case Study​

AWE vs Mold at MoMA Museum

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“The AWE system was able to eliminate mold during the Tania Bruguera exhibition, the only solution MoMA found in order to guarantee the safety of MoMA workers and visitors.”
Dr. Sobek
"Testing AWE’s BioAiRx® it not only killed mold, it digested its DNA."
Dr. Sobek
"For MoMA’s Bruguera Installation sugarcane is a mold magnet."
Dr. Sobek
"We planned to install a HEPA filtration system but it was too expensive."
Dr. Sobek
"AWE installed 12 AWE-85 units at no cost and no new airborne mold levels were detected during public viewing hours for its exhibition."
Dr. Sobek


“The air feels healty”


“Now, everything is fine”


“It’s a fresh clean feeling”

No filters needed

AWE technology is based on a solution of natural enzymes (BioAiRx®). It does not need filters, like other conventional purifiers.

The AWE system can take care of any room size

One AWE device can provide healthy air in rooms up to 700 square feet. We offer customized solutions for every individual indoor space.

Low maintenance, low consumption

An AWE device consumes only 0.6 kW per day. In addition, you only need 6 oz of BioAiRx® every four months to maintain its 100% efficiency.

Green technology

AWE does not emit ozone or any other harmful residue that could be a threat to people or the environment.

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